Putnam Veterinary Clinic

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Wellness and Annual Exams

Wellness exams are recommended every six to twelve months, with more frequent visits suggested for young and elderly animals. Regular checkups are crucial opportunities for your veterinarian to screen for common health problems before your pet starts showing outward signs of illness, and they are an important part of preventative health.

In your checkup, the veterinarian will examine your pet from head to toe and be on the lookout for any abnormalities or health issues, including heart trouble, masses and dental disease.  Please be prepared to answer questions about your pet's daily routine, feeding times and bathroom habits and let us know if you've noticed anything out of the ordinary.

The vet will also ensure your pet received any necessary vaccinations so he or she is protected from potentially fatal pathogens and diseases.

Remember it is Massachusetts Law that all dogs, cats and ferrets must be up-to-date with a Rabies Vaccination even if your pet doesn't go outside.