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  All pets, exotic and avian alike, should be evaluated by a veterinarian at least annually. Generally speaking, the more exotic a pet, the more difficult it is to take care of. Reptiles and birds are especially known for hiding symptoms from even the most observant and vigilant pet owners.  Prevention is key - give us a call to schedule a wellness exam for your pet.

Putnam Veterinary Clinic would be happy to examine your....

Cat Gerbil
Dog Mouse/Rat
Bird Chinchilla
Rabbit Hedgehog
Guinea Pig Goose/Duck
Bearded Dragon Chameleon
Chicken Iguana
Hamster Gecko
Turtle Snake

Spikey, 2 years old

Marley, 12 weeks old

Princess, 12 years old

Chelsea, 10 weeks old

J. Edgar, 25 years old